A healthy person can live life to the fullest. If one is physically fit, he is also capable of being emotionally and mentally healthy. In the busy and modern world we live in, it could be very easy to forget about staying fit because these days, what is fast and convenient is what is easy. If you are hungry and running out of time, you can just grab a snack at a fast-food chain or cook instant meals. Taking time to exercise is also not a priority. People, who, despite their busy schedule maintain a healthy lifestyle, are truly admirable.  They are the people who know the value of good health. They know that everything they have been working hard for will all be wasted if they will only get sick later in life.

Change of Mindset

If a person were used to an unhealthy lifestyle, which includes unbalanced diet and lack of physical activity, it would be quite a challenge to make him change. What it takes is for him to change his mindset. Healthy habits have to start early in life. Most of us start being concerned with our health only when we feel something wrong about our body. All the food you take starting from your childhood will all accumulate later in your life, meaning, if you do not eat healthy, the bad effects of the food you take shall manifest soon. Therefore, if you want to live longer and enjoy life, it is better to start today. It helps if you take inspiration from someone who were just like you, but decided to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

Starting Easy

Staying fit and healthy despite busy schedule is possible. You need not enroll in a gym immediately for you can start at home or your office for a regular physical activity. Set days of commuting or biking for work instead of driving. At home, you can buy exercise equipment such as rowing machine. You can use this while listening to music or watching TV. This offers an aerobic exercise that burns calories and conditions your upper and lower body. It can help you lose weight if you want to. Check out this review about the best rowing machine by clicking here.

If you have diet-related medical conditions such as hypertension and diabetes, consider lap band surgery. In this procedure, a band is placed around the stomach to make you feel full easily and thus limit your food intake. Losing weight helps you look better but more importantly; this will prevent you from suffering from life-threatening illnesses. For more information about lap band surgery, click here.

Knowing is good, sharing the knowledge is even better. That is why I love teaching. I take pride when students learn from lessons I taught. There is an unexplainable sense of fulfillment from seeing expertise being passed on to other people.

Aside from teaching, one of the ways to acquire knowledge is taking on worthwhile hobbies. Look for something you love, be good at it and share it to others. One of the hobbies most recommended by people who have done it, is traveling. The thrill of going to a new place you have not visited before and the bliss of discovering beautiful places, people and culture is worth the expenses you will spend. Meeting people along the way and exchanging ideas is also a great learning.

When traveling, I make it a point to discover a piece of a place's culture such as music. I have listened to countless songs of different types and took pleasure in the magic of it. Through time, I have decided to learn to play music and started looking for music teachers. I eventually found one and learned to play the guitar.

I am a fan of The Guitar Lesson Guru, I love teaching my students how to play the guitar. I love sharing the skill that was shared to me, especially such beautiful art like music. It is even more enjoyable playing music with my students.

In today's world young people enjoy a variety of things that the previous generation did not have the luxury to enjoy. Most of these things relate to technology. It's easy to discover a hobby through technology. It's even easier to learn through technology. But sometimes technology brings us closer to the rest of the world but further away from our loved ones. Gone are the days when kids meet up, form a band and play in their garage. Nowadays, kids chat and bash each other's electronic music online. They develop hobbies negatively.

Music is also greatly affected by these changes. Just like how everyone can learn to play guitar using the technology such as the internet, this medium also has jeopardized not just the commercial value of music, but also the integrity of the musicians. Gone are the days of intricate guitar patterns, replaced with the metallic scratches of modern electronic music like auto-tuned songs. Gone are the heartfelt lyrics replaced by hate, insecurity and greed. Meeting people does not also require travel, you just have to open an application on your phone or computers and you get to meet people and hopefully learn something from them.

For me, teaching does not just happen in class, it happens when you tell a stranger on the internet about your hobbies and your views. Teaching also happens when I tell someone how lovely a song is and they ask me to teach them how to play it. Teaching is when you discover something you have not experienced before and pass it on to other people who will eventually love it.

Sadly our society is getting more and more unequal as the results of the financial crisis bite deeper. Unemployment is everywhere, more than 50 million people are on food stamps and so many people are struggling from day to day.

There is a rise in bankruptcies, small value loans such as payday loans and installment loans are becoming more and more popular and more and more people are turning to financial counselling.

This is an indictment on our society. The rich are getting richer and the poor are getting poorer. We even reward the rich, for example when they run a bank and cause a financial crisis we just give them tax payers money as a reward rather than putting them in jail.

We need to do something to help the poor in our society. So many people are struggling financially and it's important to try and help them out of the hole they are in.

In so many cases it's not their fault. They are usually ordinary hard-working people but who have been caught up in the entire credit crisis thing. For many people the value of their home has collapsed and they can't raise any money against it. For others, particularly older people, it's a reduction in the value of their retirement portfolio which has had the result that they are forced back into looking for work.

For others it's a reduction in working hours or pay.

We have thousands of people who are even living in their cars.

There is a big rise in the number of people with credit problems. Bad credit is an issue for people who are looking to borrow, although this can be addressed.

All of these issues are things which can be addressed by government if it is prepared to put in the time, work and finances. There should be a place in every town where financially distressed people can go for independent advice about managing their finances better.

Rather than giving taxpayers money to the rich, when they stuff up, we should be using it to support the poor who are suffering from the problems caused by the rich.

I believe that we have an obligation to everyone in society. Whether they be rich or poor, old or young, educated or uneducated, working or unemployed. Everyone, no matter how down and out they are has a right to be protected by the more powerful in our society.

It's time for the government to step up and take responsibility for those who are less well off than themselves.

I don't know who's going to do it. There doesn't seem to be many politicians around who are willing to even consider this issue. They are more interested in sending troops to Iraq than they are interested in helping our own citizens who are facing serious stresses in the life from issues caused by others.

I don't know who will address it but someone has to address it. If it's left to get worse it will be bad for all of us.

Some of the things happening in America now are worrying me seriously. I see so many problems emerging that I'm getting very concerned about.

It seems to me that social problems are leading to all sorts of other issues. Everybody has seen the gun massacres that have happened over the last few years, the school shootings among them. I'm sure that this will only get worse.

It seems to me there's a number of issues here. One is the growing divide between the rich and poor and the resentment that this causes. Another, probably related, is the greed of so many people who are wealthy but who just want more.

For instance I think it's high time that we did something about the gun laws. I can't believe that people in America carry around loaded weapons in the streets. However every time this issue is raised the NRA are able to defuse it until it goes away, until next time.

That's because of course the NRA is made up of wealthy people who make lots of money selling guns. They just want to make more money, they don't care about the people that the guns kill.

We should make sure that the right to carry guns is finished. Of course some people will still be able to do so, for instance licensed hunters, but in all cases they should use an accredited gun safe, there's plenty around, you can even get safes for scoped rifles. No one has an excuse to have an unsecured gun in the house.

And our politicians have got to step up to the plate. I find it appalling that our politicians are in the pockets of the lobby groups. It's not just the NRA, there's so many other lobby groups out there who have financial interests in maintaining the status quo and every time our politicians attempt to change something that might harm their financial interests they kick up such a fuss, and have such political power, that they can stop it.

The government has got to stop supporting the rich when they make mistakes. When bankers stuff up and bring us to the edge of financial ruin they should be made to pay, not given taxpayers money. Many of them should end up in jail instead of getting taxpayers money.

The financial crisis impacted so many people so negatively and yet the wealthy people who caused it just got richer.

I think society in America is becoming more unequal, or unjust and more unfair, and if it keeps going this way we will see more people shot in the streets by individuals who are so resentful of their lot in life.

Something has to be done about it. I don't know what, I'm not a politician and I don't have any power to do anything, but something has to be done about it.

Our politicians need to stand up and take responsibility. Otherwise we should vote them out. We the citizens should do something about it if our politicians don't. Remember that when the next election comes.

Everybody knows that the economy is bad right now. President Obama keeps telling us everything is fine, the Federal Reserve keeps printing money and telling us everything is fine and the newspapers keep telling us everything's fine. But unfortunately you and I know that this isn't true. Everything is fine and it's getting worse.

We are the ones who have seen the value of our houses plummet. We are the ones who are out of work. We are the ones who have lost half the value of our retirement savings. We are the ones suffering.

And as a result of these difficult economic times there's been a huge rise in the number of companies offering small value loan products to financially stressed people. These products are loans such as installment loans for bad credit, like this one.

Unfortunately the current economic circumstances have seen a massive rise in the number of people who are struggling financially. People who were getting by comfortably in the past are now having all sorts of financial problems. This could be because, for example, they are out of work or have had their working hours reduced.

Some of these people are retirees who have seen the value of their retirement nest egg decimated and who have been forced back into low paid work. Some of these people are just unable to get by at all.

There's been a steep increase in the number of people suffering from credit problems. Issues of bad credit are now affecting tens of millions of people and people with issues to do with their credit score are forced into non-mainstream loan products.

These non-mainstream loan products are usually for extremely small amounts of money, commonly under $1000, and attract very high rates of interest and fees. Often when you work out the interest rate on these loans as an annual percentage they are way over 100% per annum, or even much higher.

This proliferation in small value loans companies is an indication of where our society is heading. There is a growing gap between the rich and the poor, and the poor are those who will need to turn to high interest small value loans just to get by.

Bankruptcies are also on the rise. Many people cannot even keep their family afloat without turning to a small loan like an installment loan.

I don't know where our society is headed but I don't like it. I like to see everyone having a fair chance. I like to see everyone able to support their family. I like to see everyone employed. I don't like to see anyone forced into financial stress.

It's a sad situation and one which, in my view, is caused by some of the richest people amongst us who control the banks. It was the banks that caused this problem in the first place and it was the taxpayer who had to bail out these people who caused the problem.

Something needs to be done about this because in my view this is not how our society should work.

My obsession with hair has started about 5 years ago. One day, out of the blue, I've decided to dye my hair red. Although I have always liked my hair, just how it was, in a moment of weakness, I've decided to make a major change.

At the Centre of Attention

After dying my hair, I really liked the attention I received from co-workers, friends and family. Having just a natural Chestnut hair color, changing it to red was a major change for me. I received many compliments about how sparkly my hair looked, and I really liked my new glamorous appearance.

Now that I had my new hair color, I started looking into different hairstyles and hair-dos. I also started testing different styles on my hair. Some were more successful than others. To give you an idea, some of the styles I've tried were:

  • Beehive
  • Bouffant
  • Different buns
  • Different braids
  • With and without bangs
  • Up do
  • And others…

Not Only Me

Playing with my hairstyle and color was so much fun, that I've started doing it for my friends as well. Now I'm having a larger variety of my "clients'" (= my friends) hair types to style and express my creativity, and I love it. Having a friend leaving my place with a smile on her face, looking as if she had just came out of the pages of a magazine, is very rewarding.

Although I know that treating hair with harsh chemicals and a heat dryer is not good for the health of hair in general, changing the look and feel of my own hair and my friends was way too much fun.

In an attempt to prevent excessive damage, I would use more gentle hair products, whenever I could. I prefer using natural products when possible. Using gentler shampoo and conditioner, at least helps maintaining the color for longer periods of time, but I also believe it slows down the damage from all of the chemicals in hair colors and hair styling gels.

At least for my own hair, I've started noticing some hair thinning recently. This was expected, but is still difficult to deal with. Although I'm trying to use some special shampoos to conceal the problem, I know this is not a long-term solution.  It seems like pretty soon, I'd have to go back to my natural hair, and avoid using harmful products, in order to at least keep the hair I currently have.

Getting Back to Natural?

Although hair styling is a great hobby, I feel that I have to educate my friends about maintaining the health of their hair. Just like I've started seeing hair damage, many of them have experienced the same thing too. When trying to change the natural hair, and using it as moulding clay for artistic creations, the damage is unavoidable.

This is not really what our hair is designed for. The real choice is between keeping your hair natural and healthy or expressing personality through hairstyle and color. If you are considering dying your hair or grossly changing your style, carefully consider these two options. Which one will you chose?

Your decision today might affect your life for a long time to come.

Power of WordsWhat has Writing Taught Me

I think that every author tends to grow personally and intellectually with every work he creates. Obviously, any kind of factual writing requires a great amount of research and understanding of the topic. This lends itself to becoming a more well rounded individual and intellectual, but these kinds of lessons are really the most insignificant part of the learning process. I have grown much more personally than intellectually because of my writing and teaching pursuits than I would have ever thought. That’s why I always encourage my students to write for the fun of it. Here are a few things that my career as an author has taught me.


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1406700715SA_teachersWhy Education is Important

A lot of the time I have trouble with my kids and my students trying to convince them just how important a good education is and as time goes on it just keeps getting more and more important.

Not too long ago you could graduate from high school and work at the local factory, get a good paying job to support a family on, and retire with a pension where you could live comfortably in retirement. Most of those jobs are now gone and the days of not needing a good education to be successful are gone.

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