My obsession with hair has started about 5 years ago. One day, out of the blue, I've decided to dye my hair red. Although I have always liked my hair, just how it was, in a moment of weakness, I've decided to make a major change.

At the Centre of Attention

After dying my hair, I really liked the attention I received from co-workers, friends and family. Having just a natural Chestnut hair color, changing it to red was a major change for me. I received many compliments about how sparkly my hair looked, and I really liked my new glamorous appearance.

Now that I had my new hair color, I started looking into different hairstyles and hair-dos. I also started testing different styles on my hair. Some were more successful than others. To give you an idea, some of the styles I've tried were:

  • Beehive
  • Bouffant
  • Different buns
  • Different braids
  • With and without bangs
  • Up do
  • And others…

Not Only Me

Playing with my hairstyle and color was so much fun, that I've started doing it for my friends as well. Now I'm having a larger variety of my "clients'" (= my friends) hair types to style and express my creativity, and I love it. Having a friend leaving my place with a smile on her face, looking as if she had just came out of the pages of a magazine, is very rewarding.

Although I know that treating hair with harsh chemicals and a heat dryer is not good for the health of hair in general, changing the look and feel of my own hair and my friends was way too much fun.

In an attempt to prevent excessive damage, I would use more gentle hair products, whenever I could. I prefer using natural products when possible. Using gentler shampoo and conditioner, at least helps maintaining the color for longer periods of time, but I also believe it slows down the damage from all of the chemicals in hair colors and hair styling gels.

At least for my own hair, I've started noticing some hair thinning recently. This was expected, but is still difficult to deal with. Although I'm trying to use some special shampoos to conceal the problem, I know this is not a long-term solution.  It seems like pretty soon, I'd have to go back to my natural hair, and avoid using harmful products, in order to at least keep the hair I currently have.

Getting Back to Natural?

Although hair styling is a great hobby, I feel that I have to educate my friends about maintaining the health of their hair. Just like I've started seeing hair damage, many of them have experienced the same thing too. When trying to change the natural hair, and using it as moulding clay for artistic creations, the damage is unavoidable.

This is not really what our hair is designed for. The real choice is between keeping your hair natural and healthy or expressing personality through hairstyle and color. If you are considering dying your hair or grossly changing your style, carefully consider these two options. Which one will you chose?

Your decision today might affect your life for a long time to come.

Power of WordsWhat has Writing Taught Me

I think that every author tends to grow personally and intellectually with every work he creates. Obviously, any kind of factual writing requires a great amount of research and understanding of the topic. This lends itself to becoming a more well rounded individual and intellectual, but these kinds of lessons are really the most insignificant part of the learning process. I have grown much more personally than intellectually because of my writing and teaching pursuits than I would have ever thought. That’s why I always encourage my students to write for the fun of it. Here are a few things that my career as an author has taught me.


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1406700715SA_teachersWhy Education is Important

A lot of the time I have trouble with my kids and my students trying to convince them just how important a good education is and as time goes on it just keeps getting more and more important.

Not too long ago you could graduate from high school and work at the local factory, get a good paying job to support a family on, and retire with a pension where you could live comfortably in retirement. Most of those jobs are now gone and the days of not needing a good education to be successful are gone.

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Schools Education - appleLessons Learned Teaching

I know that they say teaching is about instilling knowledge and information into your students, but I must say, I learn just as much from my students as they learn from me—maybe even a little more!

Over the years I have learned countless lessons from my students that I appreciate dearly. Being a teacher has taught me so much that I wanted to go over a few of the most important things I have learned from the classroom.

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